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Bike Fitting

Your positioning on a bike is the most important factor governing, comfort, control and performance. Without a good position a great bike is useless.

Pedal On's staff are experts at fitting people to the correct size of frame. By using our knowledge, experience and a customer's feedback the best size option can quickly be found.

In many cases we opt to use the BikeFitting system as a starting point to finding the correct sized bike for you or we may use the system to reinforce our subjective recommendations.

The BikeFitting system takes physical measurements combined with a rider's required riding type. This is then compared to data from the BikeFitting database and an optimum position is suggested. This position takes into account bio-mechanics, aerodynamics, comfort and handling. It should be noted that the result of your BikeFitting is heavily dependent on your subjective selection of required riding position, therefore we use the BikeFitting data as a starting point which we can iterate to find a great position for you.

We use the BikeFitting system to find the correct size bike for you from the range of road bikes we sell. Pedal On does not charge for this service as we do not believe that it is correct that you are charged extra to find a bike that fits you.

We do not offer the BikeFitting system as a means of performance enhancement or performance analysis on an existing bicycle.

We do not offer the Bikefitting system as a method for sizing riders for mountain bikes, this is because the position required for optimum bike handling relevant to the style of mountain bike has a much bigger influence on the correct rider position than the biomechanics for optimum pedalling performance.

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Bike Fitting