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FAQ - Bike Buying
FAQ - Bike Buying
Do I have to assemble my bike?
Is my bike available?
Complementary Service
Should I buy a bike online?
Warranty information
What is the correct size?

Do I have to assemble my bike?

When you receive a bike from us it will have been built, checked over and repacked. This ensures the bike is operating correctly and safely. When you receive the bike you will be required to remove the packaging, fit the front wheel using a Quick Release, fit the handlebar into the stem and fit any pedals to the crank arms. If you are not confident you can do this safely, or do not have access to a competent mechanic then we would suggest you visit our store or buy your bike from a reputable high street store.

Is my bike available?

All our bikes have their delivery times displayed at the bottom of their respective page. We keep this information as up to date a possible. With the exception of "special order" bikes you cannot order a bike from us unless we have it available to us. When we ship your bike you will receive an email containing your tracking reference. Your bike should then arrive the next working day.

Some bikes show a "special order" status. This means we do not have information about their availability, please contact us to check availability of these bikes before ordering.

Complementary Service

We recommend you only purchase from our web store if you are a competent cycle mechanic or have access to a competent cycle mechanic. During the first few weeks of riding it is normal for parts to settle and cables to stretch. Without adjustment, this can lead to poor performance and undue wear. Because of this we offer a FREE complementary service, redeemable upto 8 weeks after purchase. To take advantage of this YOU must return the bike to us, this is NOT a courier collect and return service.

The complemetary service will include:
Brake alignment and adjustment
Headset adjustment
Gear Adjustment
Suspension fork and shock inspection
Hub adjustment, spoke tension inspection and wheel true
Torque check on bolts and screws.

Should I buy a bike online?

If you know the product and size you want, and are confident with basic cycle maintenance there is no reason to fear buying online. You may have access to a wider choice of products and better value deals by buying online.

We are a specialist cycle retailer and our products are aimed at people who have some experience of cycling. If you have no, or only a limited amount of knowledge about cycling or our products we would suggest you visit our store so we can spend time with you ensuring you buy the best bike for your needs.

If you are considering buy a bike from us then please bare in mind that, although we will make every effort to ensure your bike reaches you in perfect working order, it is normal that some components will require adjusting after the first few uses (e.g. gear/brake cables stretch, disc prake pistons become dominant etc.). If you can bring the bike back to our store we can make these adjustments for you free of charge, however that may not be practical for you if you live a distance away.

Of course, if you have any questions or need more information you can contact us via phone or email.

Warranty information

We guarantee we will sell you a bike which is correctly functioning. If when you receive the bike it is faulty we will collect the bike or faulty component from you and replace it.

All our bikes come with Manufacturer's warranty (frame information specific to each manufacturer is listed below). In general, componentry, pivots, rear shocks and suspension forks are covered by a 1 year warranty (sometimes longer) from their respective manufacturer. All warranties are subjective to the correct use and the manufacturer's specified maintenance being followed.

Some parts will wear out within 1 year if used in extreme conditions, or used extensively, even if they are maintaned correctly. This is considered wear and tear and would not be covered by warranty.

If you should ever need to start a warranty claim, please contact us for advice on how to proceed.

Specific warranty information for manufacturers:
Trek: Lifetime warranty on frames and rigid forks
Gary Fisher: Lifetime warranty on frames and rigid forks
Lemond: Lifetime warranty on frames and rigid forks
Giant: 5 year warranty on frames and rigid forks.
Scott: 5 year warranty on frames, 2 years warranty on rigid forks. 2 year warranty on High Octane models. Scott warranties maybe restricted to 3 years if proof of correct maintenance is not available. Scott warranties are subject to a maximum rider weight of 110kg.

Ex-Team/Ex-Demo models: We cannot offer warranties on these models.

What is the correct size?

If you do not know the exact size of bike you require then please contact us for guidance. Most bikes can be sized by taking into account the rider's height, the rider's proportions and the type of riding the bike is required for.

We have provided geometry data alongside bikes to help size them. However, If you are unsure about your ideal bike size then we would suggest you visit our store and take advantage of our expert advice, try a few different sizes or even take an extended test ride on one of our demo bikes.

Any telephone or email advice guidance we offer on bike sizing is based upon our experience of selling and fitting bikes to customers in our shop. However, the choice of bike size is your responsibility and if you do not know what size you require we would urge you to visit our store to be fitted.