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Shimano XTR M985 Trail SPD Pedal

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Building on the long legacy of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) technology, the new XTR Trail pedal is engineered for the specific needs of aggressive trail riders everywhere, with an open, mud-shedding design and large pedaling platform for ultimate control.

Together with the saddle and the handlebar, pedals make up the holy trinity of contact points between man and machine. Drop the saddle or get behind it in a technical descent and those contact points are reduced to just two—hands and feet—with pedals accounting for the bulk of riders' balance and bike control.

With a wider, more stable stance backed up by widely braced bearings and nearly 10 times the effective contact area between the pedal platform and riders' shoes, XTR Trail pedals deliver unparalleled control when clipped in, and a reliable, extra-wide-area platform for those inevitable “in-between” moments that come with unpredictable trails.

Combine the large pedal/shoe contact area with a lower platform height effectively moving the riders' foot closer to the center of the axle and the power transfer and efficiency capabilities of XTR Trail is all-time, ready for any trail.


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Shimano XTR M985 Trail SPD Pedal