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SIS Smart Gel 60ml

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Smart 1 is the caffeine kick that's easy to swallow
Smart 1 contains potent antioxidant nutrients and Vitamin C that work together to improve performance
Imagine a caffeine kick helped along with blood that flows easier, down even the smallest capillaries, delivering more nutrients and stimulation to active muscles
Smart 1 nutrients also help reduce tension in tensed muscles, further fighting fatigue
Uses the award winning GO Gel structure so it's easy to swallow on the move
Each 60 ml sachet still contains 22 grams of carbohydrate energy; enough for 20-30 minutes of intense exercise
Smart 1 gels contain potent 'superfood' anthocyanins from blackcurrants and cherries and bioflavenoids from citrus fruits to give your body what it needs when it's pushed to the limits
Make the smart choice and supercharge your performance

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