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DT Competition DB

SRP £0.8 Save 11% Web Price: £0.71 Including  VAT at 20%


PLEASE NOTE: Due to a change in the way the manufacturer supplies these spokes, nipple are no longer included.

Top value spoke for a combination of performance and longevity, made from chrome nickel steel
Double Butted 2.0/1.8mm
Weight for 64 (265mm): 383g
Range of lengths from 240-314mm

Minimum order quantity: 16

Please note: Spokes which have been laced into wheels cannot be accepted for return.

Options & Purchase

Our Ref.Available
248mm (MD2733)
SK248DIn Stock
250mm (MD2734)
SK250DIn Stock
251mm (MD2735)
SK251DIn Stock
252mm (MD2736)
SK252DIn Stock
253mm (MD2737)
SK253DOut Of Stock
254mm (MD2738)
SK254DIn Stock
255mm (MD2739)
SK255DIn Stock
256mm (MD2740)
SK256DOut Of Stock
257mm (MD2741)
SK257DOut Of Stock
258mm (MD2742)
SK258DIn Stock
259mm (MD2743)
SK259DIn Stock
260mm (MD2744)
SK260DIn Stock
261mm (MD2745)
SK261DIn Stock
262mm (MD2746)
SK262DIn Stock
263mm (MD2747)
SK263DIn Stock
264mm (MD2748)
SK264DIn Stock
265mm (MD2749)
SK265DIn Stock
266mm (MD2750)
SK266DIn Stock
267mm (MD2751)
SK267DIn Stock
268mm (MD2752)
SK268DIn Stock
276mm (MD2757)
SK276DIn Stock
277mm (MD2758)
SK277DIn Stock
278mm (MD2759)
SK278DIn Stock
279mm (MD2760)
SK279DIn Stock
280mm (MD2761)
SK280DIn Stock
282mm (MD2762)
SK282DIn Stock
284mm (MD2763)
SK284DIn Stock
285mm (MD2764)
SK285DIn Stock
286mm (MD2765)
SK286DIn Stock
287mm (MD2766)
SK287DIn Stock
288mm (MD2767)
SK288DIn Stock
289mm (MD2768)
SK289DIn Stock
290mm (MD2769)
SK290DIn Stock
291mm (MD2770)
SK291DIn Stock
292mm (MD2771)
SK292DIn Stock
293mm (MD2772)
SK293DIn Stock
294mm (MD2773)
SK294DIn Stock
295mm (MD2774)
SK295DIn Stock
296mm (MD2775)
SK296DIn Stock
297mm (MD2776)
SK297DIn Stock
298mm (MD2777)
SK298DIn Stock
299mm (MD2778)
SK299DIn Stock
300mm (MD2779)
SK300DIn Stock
301mm (MD2780)
SK301DIn Stock
302mm (MD2781)
SK302DIn Stock
SK234DIn Stock
SK238DIn Stock
SK240DIn Stock
SK242DIn Stock
SK269DIn Stock
SK270DIn Stock
SK271DIn Stock
SK275DIn Stock
SK303DIn Stock
SK304DOut Of Stock
SK305DIn Stock
SK236DIn Stock

DT Competition DB 234mm

Our Ref:SK234D Universal Product Code:7613052010922

DT Competition DB 236mm

Our Ref:SK236D Universal Product Code:7613052059129

DT Competition DB 238mm

Our Ref:SK238D Universal Product Code:7613052010953

DT Competition DB 240mm

Our Ref:SK240D Universal Product Code:7613052010977

DT Competition DB 242mm

Our Ref:SK242D Universal Product Code:7613052051796

DT Competition DB 248mm

Our Ref:SK248D Universal Product Code:7613052012223

DT Competition DB 250mm

Our Ref:SK250D Universal Product Code:7613052011066

DT Competition DB 251mm

Our Ref:SK251D Universal Product Code:7613052011080

DT Competition DB 252mm

Our Ref:SK252D Universal Product Code:7613052011103

DT Competition DB 253mm

Our Ref:SK253D Universal Product Code:7613052013206

DT Competition DB 254mm

Our Ref:SK254D Universal Product Code:7613052011127

DT Competition DB 255mm

Our Ref:SK255D Universal Product Code:7613052011134

DT Competition DB 256mm

Our Ref:SK256D Universal Product Code:7613052011141

DT Competition DB 257mm

Our Ref:SK257D Universal Product Code:7613052011158

DT Competition DB 258mm

Our Ref:SK258D Universal Product Code:7613052011172

DT Competition DB 259mm

Our Ref:SK259D Universal Product Code:7613052011196

DT Competition DB 260mm

Our Ref:SK260D Universal Product Code:7613052011219

DT Competition DB 261mm

Our Ref:SK261D Universal Product Code:7613052011233

DT Competition DB 262mm

Our Ref:SK262D Universal Product Code:7613052011257

DT Competition DB 263mm

Our Ref:SK263D Universal Product Code:7613052011264

DT Competition DB 264mm

Our Ref:SK264D Universal Product Code:7613052011295

DT Competition DB 265mm

Our Ref:SK265D Universal Product Code:7613052011301

DT Competition DB 266mm

Our Ref:SK266D Universal Product Code:7613052028910

DT Competition DB 267mm

Our Ref:SK267D Universal Product Code:7613052012209

DT Competition DB 268mm

Our Ref:SK268D Universal Product Code:7613052011325

DT Competition DB 269mm

Our Ref:SK269D Universal Product Code:7613052011356

DT Competition DB 270mm

Our Ref:SK270D Universal Product Code:7613052011370

DT Competition DB 271mm

Our Ref:SK271D Universal Product Code:7613052013237

DT Competition DB 275mm

Our Ref:SK275D Universal Product Code:7613052011486

DT Competition DB 276mm

Our Ref:SK276D Universal Product Code:7613052011585

DT Competition DB 277mm

Our Ref:SK277D Universal Product Code:7613052051277

DT Competition DB 278mm

Our Ref:SK278D Universal Product Code:7613052011592

DT Competition DB 279mm

Our Ref:SK279D Universal Product Code:7613052055138

DT Competition DB 280mm

Our Ref:SK280D Universal Product Code:7613052011615

DT Competition DB 282mm

Our Ref:SK282D Universal Product Code:7613052011639

DT Competition DB 284mm

Our Ref:SK284D Universal Product Code:7613052011677

DT Competition DB 285mm

Our Ref:SK285D Universal Product Code:7613052011691

DT Competition DB 286mm

Our Ref:SK286D Universal Product Code:7613052012742

DT Competition DB 287mm

Our Ref:SK287D Universal Product Code:7613052013251

DT Competition DB 288mm

Our Ref:SK288D Universal Product Code:7613052011714

DT Competition DB 289mm

Our Ref:SK289D Universal Product Code:7613052011745

DT Competition DB 290mm

Our Ref:SK290D Universal Product Code:7613052011769

DT Competition DB 291mm

Our Ref:SK291D Universal Product Code:7613052011806

DT Competition DB 292mm

Our Ref:SK292D Universal Product Code:7613052011820

DT Competition DB 293mm

Our Ref:SK293D Universal Product Code:7613052011844

DT Competition DB 294mm

Our Ref:SK294D Universal Product Code:7613052011868

DT Competition DB 295mm

Our Ref:SK295D Universal Product Code:7613052011875

DT Competition DB 296mm

Our Ref:SK296D Universal Product Code:7613052011899

DT Competition DB 297mm

Our Ref:SK297D Universal Product Code:7613052011912

DT Competition DB 298mm

Our Ref:SK298D Universal Product Code:7613052011936

DT Competition DB 299mm

Our Ref:SK299D Universal Product Code:7613052011950

DT Competition DB 300mm

Our Ref:SK300D Universal Product Code:7613052011974

DT Competition DB 301mm

Our Ref:SK301D Universal Product Code:7613052011998

DT Competition DB 302mm

Our Ref:SK302D Universal Product Code:7613052012018

DT Competition DB 303mm

Our Ref:SK303D Universal Product Code:7613052012049

DT Competition DB 304mm

Our Ref:SK304D Universal Product Code:7613052012063

DT Competition DB 305mm

Our Ref:SK305D Universal Product Code:7613052012087