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DT Revolution DB

SRP £0.99 Save 14% Web Price: £0.85 Including  VAT at 20%


PLEASE NOTE: Due to a change in the way the manufacturer supplies these spokes, nipple are no longer included.

Top of the range high performance spoke, made from chrome nickel steel, extra thin butting gives super low weight whilst retaining excellent strength
Double Butted 2.0/1.5mm
Weight for 64 (265mm): 286g
Range of lengths from 248-300mm

Minimum order quantity: 16

Please note: Spokes which have been laced into wheels cannot be accepted for return.

Options & Purchase

Our Ref.Available
248mm (MD2924)
SKR248In Stock
250mm (MD2925)
SKR250Out Of Stock
252mm (MD2926)
SKR252Out Of Stock
254mm (MD2927)
SKR254In Stock
256mm (MD2928)
SKR256In Stock
258mm (MD2929)
SKR258In Stock
260mm (MD2930)
SKR260In Stock
262mm (MD2931)
SKR262In Stock
263mm (MD2932)
SKR263In Stock
264mm (MD2933)
SKR264Out Of Stock
265mm (MD2934)
SKR265In Stock
266mm (MD2935)
SKR266In Stock
267mm (MD4908)
SKR267In Stock
268mm (MD2936)
SKR268Out Of Stock
280mm (MD2938)
SKR280Out Of Stock
282mm (MD2939)
SKR282In Stock
284mm (MD2940)
SKR284In Stock
286mm (MD2941)
SKR286Out Of Stock
288mm (MD2942)
SKR288Out Of Stock
289mm (MD4912)
SKR289Out Of Stock
290mm (MD2943)
SKR290In Stock
292mm (MD2944)
SKR292In Stock
294mm (MD2945)
SKR294In Stock
296mm (MD2946)
SKR296In Stock
298mm (MD2947)
SKR298In Stock
300mm (MD2948)
SKR300In Stock

DT Revolution DB 248mm

Our Ref:SKR248 Universal Product Code:7613052069159

DT Revolution DB 250mm

Our Ref:SKR250 Universal Product Code:7613052061467

DT Revolution DB 252mm

Our Ref:SKR252 Universal Product Code:7613052061474

DT Revolution DB 254mm

Our Ref:SKR254 Universal Product Code:7613052061481

DT Revolution DB 256mm

Our Ref:SKR256 Universal Product Code:7613052061498

DT Revolution DB 258mm

Our Ref:SKR258 Universal Product Code:7613052060804

DT Revolution DB 260mm

Our Ref:SKR260 Universal Product Code:7613052060811

DT Revolution DB 262mm

Our Ref:SKR262 Universal Product Code:7613052060835

DT Revolution DB 263mm

Our Ref:SKR263 Universal Product Code:7613052060842

DT Revolution DB 264mm

Our Ref:SKR264 Universal Product Code:7613052060859

DT Revolution DB 265mm

Our Ref:SKR265 Universal Product Code:7613052060873

DT Revolution DB 266mm

Our Ref:SKR266 Universal Product Code:7613052060880

DT Revolution DB 267mm

Our Ref:SKR267 Universal Product Code:7613052061801

DT Revolution DB 268mm

Our Ref:SKR268 Universal Product Code:7613052060897

DT Revolution DB 280mm

Our Ref:SKR280 Universal Product Code:7613052061597

DT Revolution DB 282mm

Our Ref:SKR282 Universal Product Code:7613052061337

DT Revolution DB 284mm

Our Ref:SKR284 Universal Product Code:7613052061528

DT Revolution DB 286mm

Our Ref:SKR286 Universal Product Code:7613052061535

DT Revolution DB 288mm

Our Ref:SKR288 Universal Product Code:7613052061542

DT Revolution DB 289mm

Our Ref:SKR289 Universal Product Code:7613052063492

DT Revolution DB 290mm

Our Ref:SKR290 Universal Product Code:7613052061108

DT Revolution DB 292mm

Our Ref:SKR292 Universal Product Code:7613052060903

DT Revolution DB 294mm

Our Ref:SKR294 Universal Product Code:7613052060927

DT Revolution DB 296mm

Our Ref:SKR296 Universal Product Code:7613052060941

DT Revolution DB 298mm

Our Ref:SKR298 Universal Product Code:7613052060965

DT Revolution DB 300mm

Our Ref:SKR300 Universal Product Code:7613052060972