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Dugast Typhoon Monsoon Tubular Neoprene Coating

Web Price: £85.95


All-purpose competition tyre. Thanks to the integrated radius control on the side of the tyre, the tyre carves through unpaved bends. The specially designed tread provides excellent grip under all circumstances, and is only available from Dugast.

Monsoon rubber compound - New, softer rubber mix, latest version of the Storm compound. This rubber has a lower rolling resistance, more grip and is more comfortable to ride.

Width: 33mm
Pressure: 1.8 - 3.5 bar.
Weight (approx): 380 g
Wide basetape version only for 23-27mm rims.

This tubular has been treated with a neoprene coating so does not require the addition of Aquasure.

Please note that this is a high performance tubular designed for grip and suppleness and recommended for racing only. To maximise the lifespan of the casing great care must be taken with the tubular's maintenance regime.

Care instructions for Neoprene coated tubulars:
It's important to remember that the thin Neoprene coating is designed to improve tubular durability and resistance to degradation whilst not affecting the tubulars performance and without the need to manually coat the tubular with a substance like Aquasure. However, the tubular still requires a high level of care. It is important that after using the tyres you wash these with water and soap - but be sure not to use any aggressive products. Let the tubulars then dry at room temperature (around 20 degrees).

Fitting notes:
It's important to choose the correct width base tape for your wheels. To ensure ease of fitting, inflate the tubular for 24hrs before gluing. To ensure a successful bond after gluing it's necessary that the radius of the rim well and outer radius of the tubular are matched. For rims with a smaller radius than the tubular it's advised to fill the centre of the rim with an additional strip of old basetape to ensure contact between the tubular and the rim in the centre as well as the edges.

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