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Warranty Information

If your bike develops a fault after a period of time which isn't a maintenance issue then we may need to rectify the fault by placing a warranty claim with the relevant part's manufacturer/agent. Our manufacturer's provide very robust and long warranties and we will always handled your claim as a quickly as possible.

All our bikes come with manufacturer's warranty which cover manufacturing defects and defective materials (information specific to each manufacturer is listed below). In general, componentry, pivots, rear shocks and suspension forks are covered by a 1 year warranty (sometimes longer) from their respective manufacturer. In general, paint and decals are covered for 1 year only. All warranties are subject to the bicycle being used for the designed use and the manufacturer's specified maintenance being followed.

Warranties for component parts of the bicycle will be handled as warranty claims with their relevant manufacturer, these are typically one to two years long from the date of purchase.

Warranties do not cover wear & tear, accident damage, damage caused by pressure washing, damage caused by aggressive cleaning agents, damage caused by neglect of service or damage caused through incorrect use.

Warranties do not cover labour costs and shipping costs. However, we will not charge you for labour costs when we handle your warranty claim in our own workshop.

We recommend that you read all manuals supplied with your bicycle and read the advice provided in our maintenance section.

Should your bike's frame need replacing under warranty it may not always be possible to replace the frame with one of the exact colour and year. If this is the case, your frame would be replaced with the nearest colour match available and with a frame of the same year or later. In the event the frame you originally purchased is no longer manufactured and cannot be replaced with a frame of the same design you will offered at functionally similar, more modern, equivalent.

Some parts will wear out within 1 year if used in extreme conditions, or used extensively, even if they are maintaned correctly. This is considered wear and tear and would not be covered by warranty.

We recommend to maintain your bike's warranty you pay particular attention to the manufacturer's cleaning recomendations in the bike's manual. We see a large number of bikes where parts have been degraded by detergents and pressure washing. We recommend a chain cleaner for degreaing the chain and a bucket of weak soap solution and sponge for cleaining the rest of the bike.

Please read our maintenance section for tips on preserving your warranty.

If you should ever need to start a warranty claim, please contact us for advice on how to proceed. Many manufacturer's offer a warranty registration scheme, you do not need to participate in this to maintain your warranty, simply keep your proof of purchase.

Bikes purchased from our Scratch and Dent list (SAD) have full manufactuer's warranties except for faults related to the defect highlighted at the time of sale.

Giant & Liv Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty on frames (except on models intended for downhill purposes)
Rigid Forks- Ten Years
Frames on models intended for downhill purpose - 3 Years
Paint finish and decals - 1 Year

Giant & Liv warranties are subject to the following weight limits (including luggage):
Road: 129Kg
XC, Marathon, Hardtail: 138kg
All Mountain: 138Kg
Cyclo cross: 136Kg

Detailed Giant Warranty Information

Cannondale Warranty Information

Lifetime on frames and rigid forks (except frames intended for dirt jumping/freeride).
Lefty and Headshok forks for 1 year.

Cannondale Warranties are subject to rider weight limits (including luggage):
SuperSix, EVO, Synapse, CAAD - 125kg.
Cyclocross, touring, badboy -
XC Hardtails & Full suspension - 136kg,
All Mountain (Jekyll) - 136kg

Detailed Warranty Information in Cannondale User Manual (pdf)

Trek Warranty Information

Lifetime - Frames for the lifetime of the original owner (except forks, the Session, Scratch, Slash, and Ticket model frames, and the swing arms on all full suspension bicycles)
5 years - Swing arms on all full suspension bicycles (except the Session, Scratch, and Slash model frames)
3 years - Session (aluminum), Scratch, Slash and Ticket model frames and swing arms
2 years - Session (carbon) model frames and swing arms
1 year - Paint and decals

Project One custom painted models will be replaced with stock colour models.

Rider weight limit of 125Kg:
Road bikes with drop type handlebar
Triathlon, time trial or Speed Concept bicycle
Cruisers with large 26" tires and swept-back handlebar, Bicycles that fold.

Rider weight limit of 136Kg:
Hybrid bicycles with 700c wheels, tires larger than 28c, and flat handlebars
City bicycles: hybrids with special equipment, cyclocross bicycles: with drop type handlebars, knobby 700c tires, and cantilever or disc brakes
Mountain bikes of all types including: standard, race, cross-country, heavy-duty, trail, all-mountain, freeride, and jumping bikes of both the hardtail and full suspension variety.

Detailed Warranty Information at

Scott Warranty Information

3 year warranty on frames extended to 5 years with proof of service, 2 years warranty on rigid forks. 2 year warranty on Gambler, Voltage Fr and Volt-X models.

Scott warranties are subject to a maximum rider weight of 110kg.

Detailed Warranty Information at

Ex Team Bike Warranty Information

1 year warranty on frames against material failiure and manufacturing defect (excludes paintwork), 6 months on parts unless otherwise stated.