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4 Bontrager Innertubes - 1 Podium Point

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0.9mm wall thickness
Premium quality, standard weight replacement tubes
Presta and Schrader valve options

For imperial sizes:
27x7/8"-1" = 700x18-25
27x1'1/8"-1'1/4" = 700x28-32
27x1'3/8"-1'3/4" = 700x35-44

Options & Purchase

Our Ref.Available
Presta, 27.5 (650b) x 2-2.40, 48mm Stem
432458In Stock
Presta, 29x1.75-2.125 48mm Stem
411836Out Of Stock
Presta, 29x2.0-2.4 48mm Stem
430700In Stock
Presta, 29x2.2-2.50 48mm Stem
411837Out Of Stock
Presta, 700x18-25, 36mm Stem
88451Out Of Stock
Presta, 700x23-25 48mm Stem
411835In Stock
Presta, 700x23-25 60mm Stem
411828In Stock
Presta, 700x28-32, 36mm Stem
88452In Stock
Presta, 700x28-32 48mm Stem
64789In Stock
Presta, 700x35-44, 36mm Stem
88453Out Of Stock
Presta, 700x35-44 48mm Stem
64791In Stock

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 29x1.75-2.125 48mm Valve 411836

Our Ref:411836 Universal Product Code:6.01E+11

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 29x2.2-2.50 48mm Valve 411837

Our Ref:411837 Universal Product Code:6.01E+11

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 29x2.0-2.40 48mm Valve 430700

Our Ref:430700 Universal Product Code:6.01E+11

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 700x20-25 48mm Valve 411835

Our Ref:411835 Universal Product Code:601479050086

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 700x20-25 60mm Valve 411828

Our Ref:411828 Universal Product Code:601479049943

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 700x28-32 48mm Valve 64789

Our Ref:64789 Universal Product Code:7.46E+11

Bontrager Innertube Presta Valve, 700x35-44 48mm Valve 64791

Our Ref:64791 Universal Product Code:7.46E+11