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Delivery Times

We make every effort to ensure the bicycle delivery times on our website are as accurate as possible. However, these are exceptional times for the World and bike industry. Please read the following information to understand what determines our lead times for bike deliveries and why they might change.

Delivery Times when quoted as Working Days

Where the delivery time is given in working days (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) this normally means we have the bike in our stock and the delivery time will be determined by our current workshop load. All bikes are processed on a, first come, first served basis and each must wait their turn in the workshop before being despatched.

Delivery Times when quoted as a Month

Where the delivery time is quoted as a month, this is the current best ESTIMATE based on information from the supplier. We are not able to guarantee these dates. Should you reserve a bike which is due in the future we will monitor the ETA and advise you of any significant changes to that ETA.

Delivery dates for bikes due in the future CANNOT BE GUARANTEED due to the number of processes which are required to deliver each bike to us from the factory. These processes are controlled by different parties who are all facing several challenges against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Some ETAs are sufficiently far into the future that they may overlap with a product change. Should a manufacturer substitute any of our orders with a renewed model you will be informed at the earliest opportunity. We will reserve the substitute model for you and inform you of any changes to specification, colour and price. You will then have the opportunity to change your order to the newer model and revised price or cancel.

Factors affecting delivery times

The main factors affecting the volatility of delivery times are:

Component supply - A bicycle is made up of parts from multiple suppliers. The demand for these parts is exceedingly high and producing enough parts to satisfy this demand whilst working through a pandemic is challenging. For a complete bicycle to be assembled in line with its schedule every single one of the individual parts must be delivered to the factory on time itself. If just one small part is delayed, the whole bicycle will be delayed.

Shipping - There is a shortage of shipping containers in the right place to ship bicycles and components from the Far East to Europe. This is due to the large number of containers which brought PPE to the West from the East not being returned. This means that, on ocassion, bikes completed at the factory cannot be shipped on time.

Port capacity - UK ports are currently very congested and cannot process as many containers as normal. This is due to a few factors; Containers with PPE not being cleared from the dockside, new working practices due to the pandemic and new customs procedures for goods coming from Europe. In many cases, ships from the Far East haven't been able to land their goods and have had to reroute to alternative ports. Similarly, some ships haven't been able to sail to the UK because of no guaranteed port space for their arrival.

Haulage driver shortage - There is currently a shortage of haulage drivers in the UK, this is largely as a consequence of Brexit. The result of this shortage is that ports and ships aren't able to clear containers as quickly as possible leading to delays and some ships being unable to unload.

Brexit - Approximately half of the bicycles we stock have their final assembly in the EU. Consequently, shipping them from the factory to the UK now requires new processes which have been rolled out over the start of the year. Most manufacturers have now implemented these new processes but there are backlogs of finished bikes in the EU waiting to ship which are being further delayed by a shortage of hauliers and a shortage of UK port space.