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Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable

SRP £25.99 Save 7% Web Price: £23.99


The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires not only eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, but provides effortless gear shifts
E-tube Di2 uses a fully removable individual cable system from the battery indicator junction box enabling fine tuning with the correct cable length to each component for easy and tidy fitment
EW-SD50 wires are required to connect the junction (either SM-JC40 external or SM-JC41 internal to the rear mech, front mech, battery and to the handlebar battery indicator junction box
EW-SD50 individual wires are available in varying lengths, there is no need (or facility) to cut these cables
Reliable and secure water resistant connectors

Options & Purchase

Our Ref.Available
EWSD50L100In Stock
EWSD50L120In Stock
EWSD50L15In Stock
EWSD50L20In Stock
EWSD50L25In Stock
EWSD50L30In Stock
EWSD50L35In Stock
EWSD50L55In Stock
EWSD50L70In Stock

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 1000mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L100 Universal Product Code:4524667690108

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 1200mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L120 Universal Product Code:4524667834397

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 150mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L15 Universal Product Code:4524667995692

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 200mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L20 Universal Product Code:4524667995654

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 250mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L25 Universal Product Code:4524667946205

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 300mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L30 Universal Product Code:4524667690122

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 350mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L35 Universal Product Code:4524667828082

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 550mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L55 Universal Product Code:4524667828136

Shimano SD50 E-Tube Di2 Cable 700mm

Our Ref:EWSD50L70 Universal Product Code:4524667690160